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Content: Key concepts of international business theory and practice: the strategy of international business, internationalization process of SMEs and entry modes, emerging markets, development trends in SMEs, and the cultural factors.

- Overview of Finnish SMEs in international markets
- Essentials of starting international business and its financing.

Method: 162 hours Internet teaching (Moodle). Written assignments and online examination. All course materials are in English but you may write your exam and the assignments either in English or in Finnish.

- Cavusgil, S, Knight, G. & Riesenberger, J.: International Business: The New Realities. Pearson, 3rd (2014), 4th (2017) or 5th (2020) editions
- Other course material on Moodle

Learning outcomes:
Knowledge related:
The student can…
- define the main concepts of international business;
- understand the complexity and dynamic nature of international business;
- understand and explain the basics of international marketing and internationalization of business;
- explain SMEs’ internationalization process and different ways to reach international markets;
- identify and explain opportunities and barriers to internationalization, as well as the awareness of special characteristics of multicultural business.

Skills related:
The student can…
- interpret the trends and realities of global business environment in relation to business planning;
- compare markets according to their risks and opportunities for doing business;
- integrate the knowledge on international business into current and future trends in business.  

Recommended studies before the course: Introduction to Management, Introduction to Marketing and Introduction to Business Development and Entrepreneurship

Course requirements and completion:

The course grade (0-5) is based on the following:

Online exam: 60 % of final grade (maximum points from the exam is 18 p.)

Written assignment 1: 20 % of final grade (maximum points from assignment 1 is 6 p.)

Written assignment 2: 20 % of final grade (maximum points from assignment 2 is 6 p.)

The total maximum for the course is 30 points and the grade is based on following scale:

    0-14 = Failed
    15-18 = 1
    19-21 = 2
    22-24 = 3
    25-27 = 4
    28-30 = 5

The exam dates: 20.10.2020, 15.12.2020, 2.3.2021, 11.5.2021

Teaching language: English

STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT (6 credit points)

Content: Strategy and strategic position. Competitive advantage. Strategic options and criteria and tools to evaluate the options. Development of strategies in organizations. Organizational structures, organizational processes and relationship management. Organization's position in the external environment, the determinants of strategic capability, the influence of, history and culture on strategy.

Online examination and/or written assignments. You may write course work only in English.

- Johnson, G., Scholes, K. & Whittington, R.: Exploring Corporate Strategy. 8th edition. Prentice Hall, 2008, or preferably a more recent edition

Learning outcomes:
Student can
- describe the basic concepts, tools and foundations of strategic management
- choose appropriate concepts and tools of strategic management to produce a diagnosis on a strategic management related problem
- identify and evaluate her/his own online learning strategies and learning outcomes

Method: Self-study 162 h in Moodle

Teaching Language: English

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